Woody Folsom CDJR Sells Over 40 Vehicles in 7 Days – Listen To Their Testimonial!

Woody Folsom CDJR was working with another Facebook Event Company and when they saw Dealer BuyBack Event’s strategy and results they thought they could do better…They had one of their best sales weeks ever, selling over 40 vehicles in 7 Days just from our Facebook Event.

I’ve used multiple different partners for Facebook Events, The most results I’ve gotten have been from Ian Greenen and the team at Dealer Buyback Events.

Robert Denton

P4 Automotive

our partner


Fiesta Auto Group - New Mexico

The Fiesta Auto Group saw our Excellent Live Facebook Sales Event Results and signed up their Kia and Nissan Stores. Those two events generated huge traffic for the dealerships. Shortly after those Events ended The Fiesta Auto Group rolled out our program to 3 of their other stores. Today Fiesta Auto Group has incorporated our Facebook Sales Events into their quarterly Marketing Plan and the reason is… We are a premier Facebook Event Company that prides itself on working closely with our dealers and doing everything it takes to get the traffic and Sales they are looking for.

Sullivan Auto Group - Northern California

The Sullivan Auto Group started running events with us at their Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram store. After a few blockbuster events they brought on 3 of their other stores for the Chevrolet and Toyota brands. Every Store had a great event generating Appointments, Leads, Traffic and Sales. The Sullivan Auto Group realizes Dealer BuyBack Event’s Live Facebook Sales Events are the best way to Sell Vehicles and do it with Amazing, Trackable ROI.

Large Auto Group - Texas

This Large Auto Group has fully embraced Dealer BuyBack Event’s Live Facebook Sales Events and has been a regular client for over 1 and a half years! This group continues to see Key Metrics that gets them to reorder events over and over, making DealerBuyBack Events a true contributor to their Marketing Plan and we are proud to help them Sell More Vehicles Month after Month.