Woody Folsom CDJR Sells Over 40 Vehicles in 7 Days – Listen To Their Testimonials!

Woody Folsom CDJR was working with another Facebook Event Company and when they saw Dealer BuyBack Event’s strategy and results they thought they could do better…They had one of their best sales weeks ever, selling over 40 vehicles in 7 Days just from our Facebook Event.

I’ve used multiple different partners for Facebook Events, The most results I’ve gotten have been from Ian Greenen and the team at Dealer Buyback Events.

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Here at Dealer BuyBack Events we specialize in running Interactive Facebook BuyBack Sales Event Campaigns. We work with all the major Automotive Brands, running Events all across the country. From Maryland to Georgia to Texas to California we have helped dealers Generate Thousands of Sales Appointments and Leads, Reach Millions of People Directly on Facebook, and also Generate Massive Amounts of Website, Showroom, Telephone and Organic Search Traffic.

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Large CDJR Dealership in Georgia
“Over 40 Sales in Just 7 Days”
Large Nissan Dealership in Texas
“Over 650 Sales Appointments and Leads During The 3 Week Campaign”
Large Honda Dealership In Texas
“Over 600,000 People Reached Directly on Facebook During the 2 Week Campaign”
Large Volkswagewn Dealership in Texas
“Over 500,000 People Reached Directly on Facebook During the 3 Week Camapaign”
Large Kia Dealership in Deleware
“Over 110 Sales Leads Including 78 Sales Appointments in Just 1 Week”
Large CDJR Dealership In Texas
“Over 1 Million People Reached Directly on Facebook During the 4 Week Campaign”
Large Chevrolet Dealership In California
“Over 105 Sales Leads Including 75 Sales Appointments in Just 1 Week”
Large Hyundai Dealership in Maryland
“35 Sales Leads Including 20 Sales Appointments in Just 1 Day”
Large CDJR Store in Texas
“385 Sales Appointments and Leads during a 3 Week Campaign”

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